Monday, May 12, 2008

A Decision

Dull as it is, I've decided to stick with my current holdings. I think once I do decide to sell, I might try out the swing trading stategy I discussed on Friday, but before I jump in with both feet, I'll keep a watch on a few stocks that I would consider based on that strategy.

The two that I'm watching are Dragonwave (TSX:DWI), and IGM Financial (TSX:IGM). I guess it's clear by now that I'm very focused on the Canadian market. I've concluded that I don't really want to be taking any currency risk at this point in time.

I picked those two from a few that came up use stockchart's stock scanner. DWI showed up as an uptrend, while IGM was showing as a down trend. Of the options, they were the two that seemed to exhibit the patterns that I would be looking for in a swing strategy.

The difficulty I have with technical strategies is that technical patterns are easy to see in hindsight, but are, at best a guessing game while they develop. Patterns with opposing meaning can appear very similar before they complete.

So, I'm not risking any money on it, but if the stocks perform as I'd expect them to, I'll definitely try swing trading on live trades next.

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