Thursday, June 5, 2008

It's Bike Month

I've been a bit delayed in getting my bike out this year - I've been deferring some major maintenance - it's needed a new drive train - on it for a couple years, and since I walk to work, there's not much financial benefit to biking. But I love my bike, and can't go the summer without riding, so I buckled down, spent the money and replaced my chain and gears the DIY way, and it now works better than it has in years.

And not it's got me thinking about bikes as an investment. Well...owning a bike is an investment to start with, particularly when it's an alternative to recurring fuel or transit costs. But with gas prices on the upward march, and increased concern about climate change, might there be some buying opportunities in the bike sector.

So I've been searching for bike related companies. This seems to have lead to a bit of difficulty. It seems like most manufacturers and dedicated retailers are privately owned. The ones that are publicly traded tend to do bikes as one of many things...and in a general economic downturn, I'm not sure that making or selling consumer products is generally a good place to be looking.

Shimano, which dominates the parts industry, is publicly traded, but only on the Tokyo exchange. While I'm not restricting myself to Canadian companies in this search, I'm actually not even sure my broker is set up for trading in Japan.


Anyone know of any publicly traded bike manufacturers in North America?

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